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Capturing the moments that matter. Here are a few quotes that capture what it means to be a mom and the importance of being the best mom that you can be.

"We don't have time to read books on every parenting topic, so learning from those that have been in the trenches is essential to our sanity and success."
— Meg Collins, Lucie's List

"This life is stressful and crazy and chaotic. There are chores left unfinished and to-do list items left unchecked. But, I choose this crazy chaos and I have decided I will love it, too."
— Danielle Jones, Mama Doctor Jones

"A few changes in the last 10 years: went from 2 to 4 kids, switched my hair to a middle part, and, of course, a divorce and a new relationship."
— Kristen Howerton, Rage Against The Minivan



These websites offer writing, coaching, and articles that aid to a less stressed and more blessed about daily life in parenting, marriage, business, and fashion.


These books offer a great start for mothers who are are interested in how to preserve their Islamic identity in their children and top tips to help you be the best mom you can be using inspiring quotes from the Qur'an along with inspiring ahadith and comforting du'as.


At Mommying While Muslim, they discuss topics that matter most to Muslim-American moms. They cover unique issues and use anecdotal notes to offer support and work on the developing movement of lasting cultural change.