Friday July 25th 2014


Roadschooling:  10 Ways to Find COOL and UNUAL Things to Do on Your Next Trip Roadschooling: 10 Ways to »

Once you decide where to go, the next question is to figure out what to do once you get there! Before [...]

My Latest Obsession – “Books On Tape” My Latest Obsession – »

As many of you may know by now, I'm not really big on the whole 'pushing my children to read as early as [...]

Ramadan Decorations:  More Tissue Paper Stained Glass Ramadan Decorations: More »

Since we weren't able to fill all the windows with my original stained glass idea, I knew I needed to [...]


Ugh.. How I Dread Getting Ready »

Ugh.. How I Dread Getting Ready for the Holidays

When I was a kid, Ramadan had a magic unlike any other holiday or celebration.  There was a buzz.. An excitement that was almost tangible.. The feeling [Read More]


“Time to Start Appreciating This Good Thing in Front of Me” “Time to »

It's time to start appreciating this good thing in front of me.. (Ie, my husband).  A [...]

A Marriage Experiment:  How One Small Action Can Change the Face of Your Marriage A Marriage »

One day I sent my husband a text.. I can't remember the content, but I remember being [...]

Does Your Marriage »

This is an awesome reprint of some notes found here: 50 Things You Need To Know About [...]


Tips & Tricks For a Successful Move

Tips & Tricks For a Successful Move

It's been a while since I last posted.. Part of the reason for that is because we moved!  Granted, it was ten minutes away from our old house, but unfortunately that didn't take away the amount of work and headache that ensued. So many of you have asked me to give some tips to help make moving a smoother process, so of COURSE I would be happy [...]

Operation Slow Down Continues:  Value People Time

Operation Slow Down Continues: Value People Time

Recently I talked about an effort I'm making to 'stop and smell the roses'.  I've been feeling like time is passing too quickly and there's not as much quality as there is quantity. I mention 3 things I'd been working on:  taking time off from technology, being outdoors, and doing one thing at a time. Today I wanted to add a fourth: [...]

Operation:  Slow Down

Operation: Slow Down

A friend of mine posted a picture recently of herself, laying on a hammock, eating an apple and just 'chillaxin' with her baby.  There was something about this picture that made me take stock of my days.. I longed for that kind of serenity.. Lately I've been feeling like life is just passing too quickly.  I have this idea in my head of living [...]

Ways to Facilitate Your Own Creativity

Running out of ideas of things to do with your kids?  This might help.. Ways to Facilitate Your Own Creativity (taken from Growing Up Gifted) Allow relaxation time or 'dream space'.  If you want a creative mind you must allow time for it to develop.   Discover your best time and your best space for generating ideas.  Your environment [...]

“All-American Muslim”… My Thoughts…

“All-American Muslim”… My Thoughts…

Well, after much anticipation, I just finished watching the new TLC show "All American Muslim".  The first thing I did after watching it was get on facebook.. And it seems that most of my 'facebook' friends either hate to love it or love to hate it... The majority filling the latter. Did I hate it?  Not really... Did I love it?  Not really.. [...]

I Can’t Keep Using The Kids As An Excuse

I Can’t Keep Using The Kids As An Excuse

Recently a brother started telling my husband how disappointed he was in the 27-35 year olds (Ie, our generation.. what are we "X"?) He mentioned that this group used to be active in their MSA time, but they really haven't done anything amazing since then.  As SOON as my husband started telling me this I blurted out, "But we have young kids!"  I [...]

10 Time Management Tips to Make the Most Out of Ramadan

10 Time Management Tips to Make the Most Out of Ramadan

Time Management Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Time This Ramadan Make a list - Write down what you want to accomplish each day, each week, by the end of the month Assign a time to each task -  Put a date or a time to complete each task.  Then order them Break down large tasks into smaller ones - Rather than listing "Memorize surah [...]