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I just finished compiling my ‘Ramadan Activity Book’ and wanted to share it with you.  It’s the ‘brains’ behind a lot of what we’ll be doing this month.  Rather than scan the colossal masterpiece, I’m just going to include all the link I used.. That way, I can also be sure to credit those who did  the hard work for us.  

  1. The cover has the list of objectives I wrote out here.
  2. Ramadan cover coloring sheet
  3. 5 Pillars coloring sheets one, two, and three
  4. Information on the rewards for fasting as well as some FYI on fasting here
  5. Visuals of fasting do’s and don’ts, one and two
  6. Dua to break fast
  7. Moon Calendar (make your own)
  8. More moon stuff 
  9. And even more moon stuff 😉
  10. Bits and pieces from this activity book (Good deed cards, ramadan/’Eid reflections, and much much more)
  11. Benefits of Dates here
  12. Muslim prayer coloring sheet
  13. Ramadan Thoughts
  14. Surah Progress Chart here
  15. Info on Muslims around the world here
  16. Pics of Ramadan around the world
  17. Ramadan Journal Pages
  18. Prayer rug coloring here
  19. Ramadan ‘how to’ visual
  20. Coloring pages
  21. A nice coloring book

Send me more links you found that you liked!

Saira Siddiqui

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