Our Mock Hajj – 2012

Before I show the pics, I just have to give a BIG shout out to the mom who put this together, and to ALL the moms who helped make this an amazing day!  Masha’Allah this was an awesome day!

Our hostess made individual boxed lunches with our kids names on them.. SO cute! And it totally reminded me of the food boxes we got throughout hajj!


One of the older boys reading a story to the little ones.. This story was about how the Kabah was built by Prophet Ibraheem (AS)..


Using the theater in the complex.. The kids watched a Hajj video.. And they even got popcorn!


We ate our lunches outside, and then headed back in to take a ‘potty’ break.. And then the kids put on their ihrams! The house kind of became the miqat.. TOO cute! MA


So cute MA! This only lasted a few minutes before they started complaining lol.. I forced them to keep it on for the first few pictures, Alhamdullillah!


The kids seeing a real passport with official Hajj visas stamped inside.. And then getting their own ‘fake’ visas/passports!


I cannot stress how much this was like the REAL Hajj! After a looong day, the kids are finally ready to do Hajj! Can you feel their excitement!


While the others walked to the Hajj site, some of us hopped in the van with the “stuff” we had to transport. The kids stood because there was no space, saying “Labaik Allahumma la Baik..” the whole way there!


.. And just like Hajj, there was a lot of waiting around patiently trying to figure out what comes next..


The Ka’bah!




Zamzam! (note the gradual shedding of the ihram 🙁 )


Everyone getting a taste of zamzam..


Sa’ee! (Walking between Safa and Marwa)


The cute bags made by one of the moms to help the kids collect their pebbles..


Collecting pebbles in Muzdalifa.


Making du’a in Arafat..


Stoning the jamarat..


‘Eid Mubarak! Chillin’ in the Mina tents on ‘Eid!


The kids wanted to stay in the tents for a long time..


And in the end, every child took a turn ‘sacrificing’ a sheep! 😀

Saira Siddiqui


  1. So cute mashallah, the kids seem so happy about the whole experience! May Allah bless the moms who made this such a special event..I know its a lot of hard work but inshallah it will pay of.

  2. so cute and well organized Hajj Process MASAHLLHA. Good job ladies

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