Saira Siddiqui


  1. I would live it if Ilyas goes to the masjid & show proper masjid behavior.

  2. Preschool/School…I love how Ilyas & Duck dove into a difficult concept and made it so easy…

    I’d love to see how Ilyas & Duck can cover different topics that come up for our kids that are just starting school…be it halal food, non-muslim holidays…difference of religion.

    I know Ilyas & Duck aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions….I am currently teaching my 4 yr old that not everyone around him is a muslim and not everyone is the same…we can love those that are different than us, while at the same time not forego our own values.

  3. the preschool to address public holidays that we do not celebrate such as Christmas and Halloween.

  4. It would be great to see Ilyas and Duck go to school. My sons are usually the only Muslims at school and would love to see how Ilyas and Duck would handle it.

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