HerStory is OurStory: Have you met Umm Sultan?

10960969_10103404760634248_1988116594_oHave you met Umm Sultan?

HerStory is OurStory

Let me tell you a little something about Umm Sultan.  She is COOL.  She’s one of those girls who comes across as COOL, even in the online world lol..  Listen to how Umm Sultan got started and #beinspired.. 

“As-salaamu alaikum I’m Umm Sultan, a wife, the mother of two very active boys ages 7 and 2 ½ and the lady behind SketchyUmmah.com. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Though I think I was always relatively creative, I wasn’t always artistic.. I wasn’t known for my ability to draw or paint, etc.

So what attracted me to visual note-taking/sketch-noting wasn’t the drawing part (because honestly I didn’t think I was that good at drawing), but it was the idea that HEY this is a really great way to learn, and to share your learning with other people.

I have a little saying that I try to remember with regards to my note-taking “ajr over ego” – don’t let your ego/fear/nervousness keep you from doing or sharing something that can benefit you or others. Once you decide to dedicate the time to practice, InshaAllah you’ll get better and more confident. 

At this point I love sketch-noting because it’s like solace for me. Instead of trying to listen to lectures while cooking, driving, and doing other things around the house, making the intention to take notes has changed my whole learning experience. Now I set aside time when it is quiet (usually, unless there is a live-streaming event), I get to focus, I get to draw and at the end I have a product that I can share with other people that bi idhnillah they’ll benefit from.

Lots of the internet gurus say “you owe it to the world to share your gifts”, I would add that you owe it to your akhirah. If you have a talent that could benefit people, that could be a means of barakah for you, that people can learn and benefit from even after you’re gone, why not share it?”




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Saira Siddiqui

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