HerStory is OurStory: Have you met Sobia Hussain?

10927561_10153048979117177_1585682124_oHave you met Sobia Hussain?

HerStory is OurStory

When I first saw Sobia’s soaps, I was blown away.  From soaps?  You might ask…  And if you’re asking, you’ve never seen her soaps!  They are a thing of beauty.. Listen to how Sobia got started and #beinspired.. 

“After having a deeply personal experience with my son’s eczema as an infant and toddler, I learned firsthand how harsh chemicals can affect your body. It was a very trial time for me as a mother and I began to research for solutions which could possibly relieve his severely dry skin. Alongside a change in his diet, I turned my attention to the ingredients on our conventional skincare products and I realized I couldn’t pronounce half of them! This lead me to focus on the use of natural products for my family.

Several years later, I discovered the art of soapmaking. As a lifelong science and art enthusiast, the chemistry behind soapmaking and it’s finished artisanal beauty instantly swept me away. I loved working with eco-friendly vegan oils and healing ingredients. Designing the colourful packaging became my little form of artistic expression. Soapmaking encompassed so many things I cared about; I felt it was meant for me. And so by 2011, I launched The Olive Tree Soap Company.

Alhamdulillah, I love what I do and truly hope that my products can benefit others. I want to provide people with skincare they can trust – halal, natural and eco-friendly. I want them to have an aromatic experience soothes the soul.”

I asked Sobia, “What is one piece of advice you would give to girls who want to start something but are scared/self doubting?”

She said, “If you are passionate about what you do, do not let any naysayers put you down. You will find people who will feed to your self-doubt unfortunately. What you have to do is gravitate towards positive people who support your efforts and believe in what you do. Many times, your new endeavours will be something that is not conventional in the community yet. You are going against the grain. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s an admirable quality. Keep moving forward! You can do it!”






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