Meet the husband

I’ve been married, Masha’Allah, since December 2002 to a great guy…  But enough about him!  This is about me and the kids!



  1. Hi,

    I found out about your blog through your husband’s linkedin profile. MashAllah an amazing job! Love the blog and will recommend it to my friends.

    Was wondering if u have come across … it is held by this girl who is a Muslimah relationship coach – does some wonderful web seminars on how to date your husband, and you know sweet things about spouses and their relationship. Was thinking it might be nice for you guys to collaborate, maybe even just once?

    Also, I handle the social media for Nature’s Basin which is an online retail store based in California selling the finest natural and organic skin care items for moms and babies. Perhaps you would like to talk about baby care items and how its important use natural alcohol-free products on our skins as well as babies’ skins 1) bcos they are alcohol-free and 2) bcos natural care is the best care. Just an idea for a blog post.

    Do let me know if u would like me to connect u to either of them or both of them.


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