Meet the kids

In 2008, I became the proud mother of two curiously crazy, deliciously sweet little rugrats, “Mac” (the BOY) & “Cheese” (the GIRL).

(I could go on and on for hours about what they’re like, but since they seem to have complete personality shifts almost weekly we’ll just leave it at that!)




UPDATE:  August 2011 I’m a mom of THREE!  Alhamdullillah..  Our family was blessed with a new addition, “Nugget”, in  2011.

May 2012


  1. Thanks! Not so cute when he insists on spontaneously breaking out in prayer on his high chair and throwing all his food on the ground, but on the kitchen rug, definitely adorable Masha’Allah….gotta love ’em!

  2. I would hardly call that dress appropriate for prayer! Where is his koofi, and where is her hijab?!?!

  3. Mashallah that’s so gorgeous.. My sister’s baby does this also and every time she does this or spontaneously goes into sujood just makes my heart melt. Inshallah she’ll be praying with me in no time. I am not married yet but I love your blog. It gives me lots to think about and plenty of ideas for when I am babysitting my niece. May Allah bless you and your family and make your children among the people of Jannah.

  4. salaam,

    mashAllah you have adorable kids…but i don’t understand why you have to call them mac n cheese and nugget ??? 🙁 hope you find good nicknames for them inshAllah!


  5. i love the nicknames for your kids! are they only for the blog, or do you call them that for real? i am so curious to know hehe..

    btw, what nicknames she gives her children is entirely up to her.. they’re HER kids..

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