re-BOOT (Spring 2016)


Do you feel like the days are passing, one after another, but you’re not moving FORWARD?

Are you tired of being stagnant and ready to start living your DREAM life?

This is a 3 MONTH course designed to CHANGE your trajectory!  Give your routine a re-BOOT!  Disconnect from the things that are cluttering up your life and spent 3 months working (with a group of fellow rebootineers) towards your goals by building new, positive habits.

There are people who are living the life of our dreams.  These people have the same 24 hours in the day as you or I, but how they spend that time varies greatly.  During this re-BOOT we will:

  • Reassess our passions and learn the most effective ways to reach them
  • Learn what highly successful people do to get things DONE and manage their TIME, and we’ll work together to implement those techniques NOW
  • Walk away with a renewed sense of purpose, and a PLAN for HOW to manage all the pieces of your life.

This is not just about adding onto an already full schedule, this is about completely reworking your schedule to more effectively reach your goals!

The next re-BOOT will run during the Spring of 2016, (March 4th-May).  The cost of the program is $65 till March 1st. From March 2-11 late registration price will increase to $75.  (After registering please check SPAM folder for a confirmation email).

Course content:

This course will be taught via online videos and reading material. The key to the content is that it is SHORT.  Video segments are no more than 5 minutes, and any reading material will be brief articles. There are several topics covered through the course, but each is packaged in a way that will minimize the amount of time spent learning, and maximize the time spent DOING. A Facebook group is also used to help students share the impact of the re-BOOT on their lives. Participation in the Facebook group is not a requirement, but has been quite popular amongst former rebootineers.  Topics covered in the course include:

  1. Creating a life map – A look to the past to figure out where we’ve been
  2. Routines – A prophetic method for ‘highly successful people’
  3. Perfecting the art of Tiny Steps (And why this is more important than goal setting)
  4. Living mindfully
  5. Simplify, simplify, simplify
  6. Battling the addictions you don’t even know you have
  7. Limiting beliefs – Silencing that mean girl within
  8. The shackles of GUILT

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“I wanted a way for women to sort of ‘get away’.. Leave their normal life, recharge themselves… ReFOCUS.. Get back on a positive path in life.. With themselves, their faith, and their families.. But designed in such a way that they can continue their lives.. The reBOOT is designed to fit into your busy life!

See, the last few years that I’ve done my Facebook fast, or my technology fast, I’ve learned that it IS possible to drastically change myself, and how my life FEELS, in a very short time. The thing is, though, it’s not easy.

BUT, it is easier in a group. CHANGE is easier in a group. What if we banded together to make drastic changes in our lives… What if we took a few weeks, pushed aside the ‘clutter’ that fills our days, wiped them clean, and started fresh with new habits and routines.. What if we created an experience where women could feel reCHARGED?”

– Saira Siddiqui

What some of our re-BOOTineers had to say:

Amnah Ibrahim, Blogger at “This Little Life of Mine” writes:

“As soon as I heard Saira was hosting the reBoot program, I was all in. I didn’t know any details, I just knew I needed to be a part of it. My life felt like it was in disarray with a newborn, my struggles with first year homeschooling, working from home, and tending to the other thousand tasks a head of household has to deal with each day. I was praying for some kind of reset button. Alas, my reset came as a reBoot.

I was slow to begin the program. In fact, I didn’t begin until it was over. I almost let that discourage me until I realized it wasn’t about everyone’s pace in the program, it was about MY life and taking MY first step. I completed the the lesson from Day 1 and felt so excited about the direction my life was soon going to be headed.

I always had a thousand and one ideas, goals, tasks, projects floating around in my head. The reBoot program gave me the opportunity to validate each idea, goal, task, and project. To give it a home and a place. Ooooh, you guys are going to love the brain dump! I now had prioritized everything that was floating in my head. I now had a plan to get through my top goals.

All it took to change were baby steps. I had always thought I had to go all in and get things done immediately. I learned that wasn’t the case. The reBoot gave me the steps I needed to go forward and make the necessary changes to bring order back to my life.”

S.A. Blogger at “Parenthood: Muslim Style” writes:

I took the re-BOOT on a whim. I’ve never taken any self-improvement courses, never even considered them really. I’ve always thought of myself as the sort of person who knows who I am, what I want and the things I need to change. But there was something, something about this that just clicked. And even though I didn’t rush to sign up. It was on my mind, a lot. So after I’d read the description of the re-BOOT a couple of times, I prayed istikharah and took the plunge. 

The thing about Saira Siddiqui (The Mommaholic herself) is, she cares. She genuinely cared about us getting the most out of the course and she demonstrated it from Day 1. Most of the moms taking the course had young kids and man we’re a demographic that needs some lovin’. Mummyhood is a tough job and that extra little encouragement goes a long way!

What the reBOOT did for me (by Allah’s Leave):

– It helped me sort through the bajillion ideas I had in my head. That was cathartic to say the least.

– It made me really think about the things that ‘suck’ my time away. To ask myself, are these necessary? how can I reduce these or stop them completely?

– It gave me the push I had desperately needed to start writing again. The blog had been collecting internet dust for a year or so.

– During and after it, I truly felt like there was more barakah in my time and more clarity of thought – THIS is what I want to do, to be, these are the things that I pray will ultimately make me closer to Allah ‘azza wa jal.

Having the support group was important as well. Mostly because I knew I was with women all over the world who get it. Get motherhood, get Islam. So it was awesome to connect with like-minded people and was heartening to hear about their successes, no matter how small they were. And most importantly, Saira reminded us to make du’a over and over again. Reinforcing the point that no change can come about except with the help of Allah.

We all need to re-BOOT. To take the time to step back from the day to day rhythm of our lives, reflect, evaluate and then step back in, refreshed and renewed. If Saira has a reBOOT next year, I’ll be the first to sign up.”

Hala Saadeh (Re-BOOT participant)

“Alhamdullillah, in these two weeks I have made a point to appreciate my family (especially my children) not just for their accomplishments, but for their emotional intelligence. This has been a particularly difficult task, as for those who personally know me know that emotion wasn’t in my vocabulary, let alone my personality. However, fully appreciating my family for their EI, has allowed me to express emotion more. I am starting to feel a warmth I haven’t felt in the 7 years of being a mom. It feels fantastic!”

S.A. (Re-BOOT participant)

“…I’m finally ticking things off my to-do list! Alhamdullillah I just feel like there’s more barakah in my time. I’ve cut out some of my time suckers and I’m doing different productive things that I truly love doing.”

– S.Y. (Re-BOOT participant)

When I started the reBoot I was searching for something not quite sure what it was. Right off the bat I was able to get myself to find what was missing. I slowly started to rediscover that I had my own personal goals that were solely for me. Spiritually I was at my worst and that feeling is indescribable. Alhumdulilah with the help of the reBoot I found my footing. It helped reorganize what I wanted and how to accomplish it. It’s all very simple but the guidance and support from Saira and from fellow reBooters was invaluable.”

U.S. (Re-BOOT participant)

When i signed up for the Re-boot program in spring 2015, i did not really know what to expect. I thought i would be somewhere in the bottom of this class and everything would go above my head. Saira’s first lesson changed all that. We were all in it together. It wasn’t like someone was leading or lagging. Instead we were taught to sharpen or strengths and build on our weakness. The biggest lesson i learned from this re-boot- always keep learning- from others but most importantly yourself. We get so busy in life that we forget to focus on ourselves. Post re-boot, i am constantly re-booting! I would recommend this course to everybody! It will only make you a wiser and stronger person. Thank you Saira for helping me help myself.”


FAQ’s about the re-BOOT:


Q: Uhhh… What EXACTLY is it? What are we going to do?

A: Ahhhh… Good question! In my life, I find that CHANGE comes about because of 4 things: information, action, support system, dua…

We LEARN, and then CHANGE. We DO something, repeatedly, over time, and then we CHANGE. WE have a support system of people in our lives who influence us or push us to do something different, and then we CHANGE. And, most importantly, we PRAY, and then we CHANGE.

This reBOOT is going to focus on these four areas. You will LEARN, through some short readings and videos… You will DO a specified set of daily tasks/actions.. You will communicate, daily, with a support group of other women who are right there with you.. And you will SUPPLICATE to Allah, in a way, and about things you haven’t done before…

The goal of these 12 weeks is to go through a program that transforms you from the inside out. Every step of this journey is one I’ve put in with careful thought and consideration, with one single intent: To help transform us into our best self.

Once you register and pay for the class, you will be invited to join a Facebook group with fellow re-bootineers.  Over the course of the twelve weeks you will receive video lessons along with assignments designed to reshape how you think, what you do, who you ARE.


Q: How much of a time commitment are we looking at?

A: That depends on how much you want to get out of the course 😉 … Videos are broken up into segments that are roughly 5 minutes, with an average of 1-3 videos a week.  That’s not too bad, right?! The course is designed to maximize the most amount of benefit in the least amount of time.  On average I would say it requires a comittment of about 30 minutes per week.


Q: Do I need to get childcare or is this something I can do with my kids around?

A: This re-BOOT is designed to be completed WITH your children around. The idea is to give you the feeling of a ‘break’ while at the same time rebuilding more positive habits WITH your children.

Q: What if I can’t afford the course?

A: Please contact me at if you have questions or concerns.  I’ll work with you. I don’t ever want there to be some one in need of a reboot to turn their life around who isn’t able to attend because of the cost.


  1. I am due my first baby in mid August but somehow feel I will need this more then. Can I sign up?

  2. Bushra, the material will still be available for a few weeks following the closing of the course in case you need to catch up after having the baby! 😉

  3. Salam. Can I please register or be placed on the waiting list?

  4. Heyy we can still register if we live elsewhere, right? Would love to sign up.

  5. Yes! It’s a virtual program! I’ll add you to the waiting list, Insha’Allah.. 🙂

  6. I am not able to register! both links are sending me to an error page 🙁 help!

  7. Can you try again and let me know? I’m pulling up the registration page with no issues?

  8. I’ve already registered and paid, but I’m not sure how to join the group 🙁

  9. I don’t know how to join either. I registered and paid too.

  10. Hina, you can click on the link to register.. Check the Facebook group for the promo code for former attendees!

  11. Yes it is still open! If you click on the link it should open up to a registration form..

  12. I am due with baby#4 in 4 weeks. Do you think this reboot would still be do able?

  13. Summar,

    You’ll be able to get through the beginning, no problem Insha’Allah.. As for what happens after you have the baby, you have to gauge yourself. It’ll be a FULL time in your life, but then again, this reboot is only once a week.. And the lessons found within will also help MAKE your life less chaotic during stressful times.. But I think you should gauge yourself and decide. Does that help?

  14. Salam Saira, already registed & paid, yeay! Can’t wait for it to start 🙂

  15. Due in 8 weeks with my first, InshaAllah and since I’ll be travelling, I doubt I’d be able to do justice to it. BUT. How often do you have it? It says Spring 2015 so is there a chance of a Fall session too? Please say yes!

  16. Ok soooo I always say, each time I do the re-BOOT, I can’t say when the next time I’ll offer the course will be.. Because I just don’t know.. BUT, yes.. 😉 I’m hoping for a fall session..

  17. Assalam Alaikum Saira,I’m registered and have paid too. Can you pls give some details as to how will we start ? How can we join the classes and all.
    I’m very excited and very very hopeful inshaAllah !!

  18. Bushra did you get an email with a link for the Facebook group?

  19. Jasmeen, you can click on the words ‘Register Here’..

  20. Elma! If you sign up with your email, you’ll receive notice as soon as registration opens!

  21. Husna, if you click where it says “Register Here” in orange you’ll be able to get registered!

  22. March 1st will be the last day for regular registration. Late registration will continue through March 11th. 🙂

  23. No, I’m sorry Kausar. Current registrants will only have access to the current program.

  24. AA, this might have already been answered but will those of us who aren’t moms but have other demands on our time find it beneficial? I have a very demanding career AND work for my husband’s business. JAK!

  25. Yes! It’s not mom specific.. There’s a lot of time management/habit formation material in there.. Amongst OTHER things.. 😉 I think you’ll be able to benefit from it all!

  26. AOA Saira..Whats the current status of the course? Do you plan to offer it anytime soon? Many thanks.

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