Islamic Studies Curriculum: 18 – 36 months


  1. Assalmu Alaikum Wa Rahamtullah

    mashallah really amazing work barka Allah fiki sister.I’m a volunteer in weekend school I had the opportunity to teach 4yrs but it was tough thing do as I’m not qualified teacher, but the passion to teach islamic to kids makes me go for it. after seeing your site and the ISC definitly it will help me in my task, may Allah Tala weighed it in your scale of deeds.give you more & more inspiration to serve this Ummah,

  2. Wow..mashaAllah this is great curriculum. I have been looking for one for so long. If you have curriculum for other ages too then please help me out by sharing them.


  3. aassalamu alaikum i would like to study about islam studies method arabic etc so i wanna reeive notes lessons studyng system through the email please as a kind request send me
    jazakalahu kahr

  4. Dear author of this document,
    Please note that Muslims do not ask where is Allah. Allah is clear from being in a place. Being in a place is an attribute of the creations, and a body is what occupies a place. Allah is not a body and is not in need of place. Allah existed without being in a place before He created the places, and after creating the places, Allah still exists without being in a place because Allah is not in need of any of the creations. Believing that Allah is physically in the sky is blasphemy. The hadith that you are trying to reference refers to the slave woman’s answer about the status of Allah, not a physical location. Please contact for further clarification about this point.

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